Your Flesh is NOT a Spawn of satan

ImageHow did we get here?  As usual, we didn’t understand the scripture and see it thru the eyes of Grace.  Paul (the one that wrote most of the New Testament) wasn’t saying your flesh is evil, or an enemy that you need to declare WAR upon.  NO, it also says that “No man ever hated his own body, but loves it and cherishes it.” ie- takes time to properly care for it.

This declaration of war upon our flesh has made us behave like Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde…psycho sort of behavior.
Really?  Is that how to care for your wonderfully crafted body?  Even the animal kingdom doesn’t treat their bodies the way some Christians do.  And what’s worse, our income is siphoned into the pharmaceutical industry as they laugh all the way to the bank.  They think we won’t ever figure out that our mistreatment of our body/self  is the
#1 reason for mass prescriptions.  Most of the anti-anxiety/pain/inflammation/obesity/and heart related types of medications are due to improper handling of the body.

If you were to search the scriptures, you will find how to care for your earthly vessel.  You are to nourish it like a mother nurses her infant.  How would a mother care for her baby?  She would handle with gentleness, make sure her infant gets proper rest; she keeps a constant ear for the smallest sound of distress and swiftly meets the needs of her baby.  She wouldn’t dare feed baby fake foods.
Crap, I barely hear anything my body says anymore.  I’ve practically got to be dripping blood or incapable of walking to notice somethings wrong.  For too long, I’ve just fed it whatever food/meds that were handy to make it shut up and keep moving.  I didn’t realize, my body wants to be my best friend.
*Side note-If this sort of talk offends you…sorry bout that.  If you think I’m being vulgar or un-holy, I get it.  .  Thing is, I use to be just like you.  Rigid, careful to appear “holy” in front of others.  Thinking if I actually spoke what I really felt-out loud- I’d be shunned from other believers who’d judge me a heathen.  Problem with that whole thing is the lonely feeling that comes with it.  Feeling like you’re the only one who must not “get it”.  Everyone else seems like they “got it” all together.
Since I have learned about Radical Grace and that God see’s me through the cleansing blood of Jesus (now perfect), then it is only my heart (and the devil) who condemns me.  It is NOT God who condemns and causes guilt, but my own impossibly high standards and resulting failures.  Sure it’s aided by the pompous religious ass well meaning brother or sister in Christ who feels “called” to point out my un-scriptural conduct, but ultimately it’s my choice to accept or reject condemnation.  I now know, I am to reject all condemnation that seeks to guilt me into behavior modification.  No more!  It’s the KNOWLEDGE of the Truth that sets you free.  Believers desperately need to know the focus must be on WHO we are and not what we do.  When you begin to see yourself as Jesus is, (and not all your failures) you will automatically change into His image….effortlessly.  Scripture clearly states “As He is, so are you in this world”.  Heart change must come before behavior modification.

Back to my mother/baby analogy….

We are similar to that mother/infant relationship the bible referenced.  Every human is fragile, with needs in the body, soul, and spirit.  Christians, as a whole, have declared war on their bodies and when I am at war, I am certainly not listening to the subtle clues on what that body is telling me it needs.  NO- I am mean/harsh to my enemy, seeking ways to “take it down” or worse…destroy it!

That doesn’t sound too good when I bump into Truth, suddenly come to my senses and see my body as God’s beautiful design.  Would I treat another believer in cruel manner I treat my body?  No…. should be the answer, however if some of you thought of a different answer (how sister/brother so and so sure needs that treatment), well that’s a different post all together. (Insert snide grin here)

No, we wouldn’t treat another in that manner.  Yet, we view our own body as one needing abuse… an enemy.  We determine we should get: no rest, improper nourishment, lack of outdoor air/movement in the sun, we’ll cram more and more into a day…pushing the boundaries beyond what we know is right.
We feed it drugs to prop it up/dull the pain and then at the end of the day, different drugs to knock it unconscious  cause it’s exhausted and too wound up to sleep.  Seems as though our body is a prisoner of war…cause essentially that’s what we’ve believed.  We’ve accepted the lie….rest is kin to lazy.

You were created in the image of God, and that includes your majestically crafted body.  What a walking miracle, our human body.  It has stumped the scientific community for years.  They still don’t fully understand the way a body is made and how it responds in all of life’s situations.  We defy science as we pick up cars when needed if it’s on top of another .  This body of ours can heal itself if the right conditions are there.

Why have we believed a false doctrine, as if our flesh is a spawn of satan?  It’s time for this absurd/religious lie to be exposed, disarmed and put away.  To “buffet my body and make it my slave” cannot mean that you abuse your body through neglect and slave drive your bloated unhappy self into an early grave.  How is THAT holy and Christ-like?   You DO know ya need a healthy body to fulfill your destiny…right?

Love your body, treat it gently and care for it.  For a little while longer, you need it.  It’s the only vehicle you have to transport you around this earth.