Follow Your Desire….God’s Blueprint


It’s unfortunate how destructive God’s easy-breezy decision making plan has become.
There are more stressed out and multiple/split personality believers than I’ve ever seen.  They reveal this most bizarre thinking;  “Is is me?” “Is is God?”  “Is it the devil?”   “Is is my flesh?”

Holy Cow!  STOP!  You are one person!!
Pull yourself together.  I’ve seen more stability in a mental ward patient.  This splitting of self and making your “flesh” the enemy has caused so much stress and anxiety!  If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny.  You could make a Hollywood movie and make millions.

Trust your desires!  If you are a believer who seeks to please the Lord, then you can trust your desires.  You have sense enough to discern. If your desire is to bed down the neighbors wife/husband…..obviously, that is not from God.
But if your desire is to resign from the school board, or change your job, or your bank, or to stop/start teaching children’s church…..then trust that your personal desire is seeking to assist you.
The desires in your heart can help you make wise decisions.
Don’t allow others to judge you and try and put their desire upon you!  No one can tell you what’s right for you.  When brother/sister Christian says, “God say’s you should ____________”  (fill in the blank)…you tell them “Really? Cause God didn’t give me that desire”.   It’s time for you to speak up and rebuttal those who try and tell you what YOUR Father is saying to YOU.
What? Are you a step-child that needs the “more secure” child to relay messages??

Your desires will change and that is normal.  For example; One day you begin to desire to help at the local soup kitchen.  Go for it…start walking in that direction.  You discover you love it and you see that you make a difference with the poor.  Awesome!  However, some time later ( 6 months or 6 years) you find you don’t desire to do it anymore.  You feel bad that you don’t want to go.  You hear the accuser whisper accusations such as; “How can you not want to help those poor people?”  “What a bad Christian you are” “If you were a better Christian, you’d be happy to go and volunteer” and blah, blah, blah….an endless string of lies.
These demonic accusations are designed to plant doubt and deter you from the leading of the Spirit.  If you believe the lie, you will submit to the destructive force of OBLIGATION, and force yourself keep going, but dread it every time.  Wake up silly!!  Your desire has changed.  That means the season has ended and it’s time to move on.  God has a different assignment for you, one that will energize you and bring delight.  What is your new desire?

Obligation is one of the most cunning tactics of the kingdom of darkness.  It has caused more damage than the devil himself.  When we do things out of obligation, we are not following the spirit.  Our self-efforts produce death rather than life (only the Spirit gives life).  Death to my joy, death to my peace, death to my energy….on and on it goes.
Those who are watching me….will detect that I am not too thrilled about it, especially your ubber sharp kids.  They pick up way more in the unseen realm than you realize..
When I just go ahead and do what I no longer desire, I am no longer doing it with the right motive, and the results are not life giving for anyone.

It’s simple.  If you want to do it, then do.  If you don’t want to do it, then don’t.  It’s not supposed to be that hard.  I know it seem too easy, almost too good to be true.  Have trust in a GOOD God.  One that knows what we need.

Remember, you are a child of the King.  You have been given the authority to rule in your realm.  Believe it!  You will become a happier, more successful person when you begin to trust yourself and your desires.  Start with small decisions and build your confidence.  Peace and joy will come as you begin to experience an easier way of life. You were designed to move in the effortless flow of your daddy God, so go ahead, ask yourself….. “What do I desire?”



About RadicalGraceisKEY

I have been a believer in Christ for more than 30 years. In May 2012, I was delivered from the bondage of religious rules and set free from crippling misconceptions about who God really is. I then experienced what a love relationship with my heavenly Father actually felt like~BLISS!!!!! Holy Cow!! What a drastically different experience!! All those years of striving to be better....yet failing. I felt cheated out of what was suppose to be...and wasn't. My hope is to share this same freedom with all who are seeking more than what they currently have. God is WAY more fun than we've been led to believe...... Enjoy the journey.

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