Rebuttal to Why I oppose the “Tithing Law” (part 2)


Greetings all,

Here is the second part of my rebuttal on tithing.  Most of the American churches teach that  tithing is still a mandate from God for blessings and/or “Rebuking the Devourer”.   The Truth about this Old Covenant law is starting to get out.  I googled the subject after I emailed my response and was glad to see I am not alone in opposing  this wide-spread belief.
It’s not part of the New Covenant way when dealing with $$….however, giving with cheerfulness is.

It’s always nice to be reassured I’m on the right track….and not crazy.

continued response;

Also there is the RELATIONSHIP angle…

If I am a daughter and God is my Father…then I relate to him like a daughter.  Do I have to give a certain amount of my income or first fruits to my dad in order to secure his protection? (Rebuke the devourer)

That is a ridiculous thought…and yet that is essentially what this teaching says.  What sort of father would make that arrangement?  If we tried to honor dad by tithing 10% of all our money to him, he would be insulted!!. If I attempted to give dad money in exchange for his protection, it would be offensive and worse- it would break his heart to think that’s how I view our love relationship.

For those who can not see or relate to God as “daddy” then they don’t know who HE really is.  He is a Father, and a better one than our earthly dad.
If a person views God as harsh and a hard task-master, one that requires payment for protection,  then they have put themselves back under the spirit of bondage (legal rules to follow) by not having a correct understanding of the Character of Father God….who opened a path for us to call Him daddy.

“For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption (sonship) so we can cry out ‘Abba, Father’ (daddy, daddy)” Romans 8:15

Have you wondered why the word “again” is there?
It’s because that’s what they had under the law; a wrong kind of fearing God.  ie-  “If I don’t obey him I will be struck down/un-protected, not blessed and/or I will suffer a curse”
That sort of thinking is a clue to know what in the heart.  It reveals one who’s under a “spirit of bondage/legalistic spirit”    They don’t know God as daddy and have believed a lie that kept them in the old covenant way of relating to God (must obey the laws of God).
Yes, the deal in the old covenant for blessings/ protection was conditional.  If they didn’t obey, there was no success.  The enemy has deceived multitudes to give up their sonship status and default back to old covenant position. Not Gods desire or His plan.
However, because we have a free will- we can choose what we believe even if it allows deceiving spirits to seduce us and cause you to put yourself back under the law   A spirit of legalism is what the bible refers it to.

We have been set free from the old covenant system of regulations.  We have a new and better deal.  We are daughters of God.  As a child, I automatically have protection/blessings/provisions given to me.  Because of WHO I am- not what I do (or don’t do)

When you try and explain this to stanch tithers…..they get intense and sorta panicked.  There is a lot of fear around this issue.  Unexplainable sort of terror.  As if you’re dealing with the mafia.  Sure, if you refuse to pay them in exchange for their protection, they will shoot you and burn your store down… the fear is warranted….but we’re talking about a loving Father.

I am thankful for the opportunity to rebuttal and hone my skills.  I have discovered I am called to the church and specifically to the religious”Pharisees” who have great passion for God and strive to keep all His “laws” but are weary..  I have already gotten into a several debates with a few.  It wasn’t pretty.  They knew scripture better than I and were able to quote so fast I couldn’t keep up.  It was a blood bath, as they “scripture whipped” me into silence/submission.  One of the encounters was with a man (long time friend) and the subject was tithing.  It was then I learned about the “sacred cows” of Christianity and what to avoid in conversations to keep peace, so I don’t share this with just anyone.

Our mandate is to establish the Kingdom on earth.  The front line leads the troops against the enemy Front line people are gritty and intense, not shrinking back when threatened.  They are rebellious and stubborn.  They’ve been through hell yet have remained faithful; still standing/loving God regardless of all the shit life has dealt out.  Yea, these type of believers are God’s favorites.  He knows once they discover who they really are and find their place; you can’t move them from their position.

I feel called to rally a team of these gritty sort of believers; we will be a force that once organized, will become unstoppable.  This is what is needed to advance the Kingdom on earth and there will be plenty of opposition trying to stand in the way.  If they are not with us, they are against us……no matter.  We will continue to press forward.

With wisdom, I continue to seek truth and discover God’s mind regarding this subject.  I welcome your views as well.  We must KNOW what we believe and be able to defend our position.  Not with fighting, but with love and the Truth of correctly discerned scripture.




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I have been a believer in Christ for more than 30 years. In May 2012, I was delivered from the bondage of religious rules and set free from crippling misconceptions about who God really is. I then experienced what a love relationship with my heavenly Father actually felt like~BLISS!!!!! Holy Cow!! What a drastically different experience!! All those years of striving to be better....yet failing. I felt cheated out of what was suppose to be...and wasn't. My hope is to share this same freedom with all who are seeking more than what they currently have. God is WAY more fun than we've been led to believe...... Enjoy the journey.

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